Tyrell/Wolf - Beginner experiments

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I tried to do something very basic with my resources. Feel free to comment anything to improve.

Set up

The ideal set up si

With this setup you will have more income to play at earlier turns your expensive cards and start winning challenges.

*This depends if you played The Kingsroad (1g less to play all) or The Roseroad(you will be able to play all the cards)

First turn

If you are able to have some of the cards mentioned:

  1. Will be convenient to play an expensive card (The Queen of Thorns (Core), Eddard Stark (Core), Randyll Tarly) and a 2g card (Bran Stark (Core), Heartsbane or Arbor Knight)

  2. Play Paxter Redwyne, the Winterfell Steward / Garden Caretaker or more roads to upgrade your economy. In the same turn you do this, try to play atleast a Direwolf Pup to acces the event Like Warm Rain.

Some tips

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