Bloody Night's Watch!

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becsygirl 318

Night's Watch Sea of Blood, won a 3-round, 12-man tournament in Northampton (Jan 2019), card releases including the Greyjoy box were available. Video of final available on The White Walker's Youtube channel:

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Kingnothing 1

Congratulations! Thx for sharing your decklist! I love the idea with NW rangers. Never underestimate the power of the watch!


Fresh recruits honestly seems like a good play in this deck. I know that there aren't any builders, but fetching dupes or even specific characters you need like Qhorn, Aemon, or Grenn for free during a mil seems really strong. Also, with the 2x Isle of Ravens do you think you need 3x each of the events? PttS and PttT can both only be used once per challenge on offense. I could be wrong, but I think you only really need 2 copies of each to keep cycling them. Just some thoughts. Congratulations on your performance!