Guardia de la Noche. No Leal.
Personaje. Coste: 6. FUE: 4.

Bastardo. Mayordomo.

Sin Accesorios excepto Arma.

Mientras Jon Nieve esté de pie, se considera que está participando en todo reto en el que participe otro Personaje atacante que controles.

"A veces, los caminos diferentse"
Michael Komarck
Caja básica #124.

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Jon Nieve

Rules FAQ

Jon Snow must be declared as an attacker (the normal way) in order to use stealth (gained from Master Luwin, etc.). If he participates in a challenge via his ability, then he was not declared as an attacker, and thus cannot use stealth.

Furthermore, if another Night's Watch character you control is attacking, Jon Snow is automatically in the challenge -- whether you want him to be or not.

The defending player cannot attempt to remove a Jon Snow that is participating, via his ability, from the challenge, because the ability will instantly reassert itself. They can, however, remove the other attacking Night's Watch character(s), and if there is no longer another attacking NW character then Jon Snow will stop participating as well.

Clarification question: after using his ability, do I have to kneel John Snow? — ovidenov 1
No. — mplain 176