Casa Targaryen. No Leal.
Personaje. Coste: 6. FUE: 4.

Jinete de sangre. Dothraki.

Mientras controles otro Personaje Jinete de sangre, Rakharo gana Intimidación.

Reacción: después de que un Personaje muera para satisfacer un efecto de Conquista durante un reto que hayas iniciado tú, Rakharo gana 1 de Poder.

"Lo que tú ordenas, yo lo hago, sangre de mi sangre."
Jason Jenicke
El camino a Invernalia #33.

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Can Rhakaro react to a character dying to a claim replacement effect? Yes. Note that when a replacement (indicated by the word "instead") effect is applied, like Seastone Chair (Westeros) or Mirri Maz Duur (Westeros), all it is doing is changing the way whatever it is replacing is resolved. That is to say that "claim" still happens, but instead of working according to the rules in the RR book, it works according to the replacement effect. Here, provided claim happens (it does) and a character dies because of it (in the case of Seastone/Mirri, they will), Rakharo can react and claim a power.