Casa Greyjoy. Leal.
Personaje. Coste: 7. FUE: 5.

Capitán. Hijo del Hierro.


Interrupción: cuando se aplique el efecto de Conquista de un reto en el que Dagmer Barbarrota esté atacando solo, elige un Lugar no limitado con un coste impreso de 3 o menos y que esté controlado por el adversario derrotado. En vez de aplicar los efectos habituales de la Conquista, toma el control de ese Lugar.

Jason Jenicke
De auténtico acero #111.

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Dagmer Barbarrota

Rules FAQ

  • Claim replacement effects are used after Reactions to winning/losing the challenge, and after gaining the Unopposed bonus, right before Claim is applied. These effects do not resolve immediately, rather they modify the way claim will be applied after all interrupts are played. If multiple claim replacement effects are played (e.g. Seastone Chair, Vengeance for Elia), only the most recently played one applies.
  • Dagmer's ability creates a lasting effect that is independent of its sourse, meaning that the location will stay under your control even if Dagmer himself leaves play. Taking control of a card does NOT give you control of its attachments or duplicates. In order to attach a duplicate you need to own and control both the dupe and the card being duped. While you control another player's unique card, that player cannot marshal or put into play another copy of that card.
So if Dagmer takes control of a duped location, what happens to the dupe? — Fenris 20
If i nightmare an econ location, can I take control of it? — Normandwizard 20
@Normandwized, yes, Nightmares will blank the Limited keyword. — scantrell24 2442