Casa Stark. No Leal.
Personaje. Coste: 5. FUE: 4.

Casa Tully. Caballero.

Reacción: después de que un Personaje gane Poder, traslada 1 de Poder desde ese Personaje hasta un Personaje de la Casa Tully. (Límite de 1 vez por ronda.)

"Dile a nuestro padre que he partido para que esté orgulloso de mí."
Colin Boyer
Por el honor de la familia #41.

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Ser Edmure Tully

Rules FAQ:

  • Edmure can steal power from characters (yours or your opponent's) when they gain it using renown or other abilities.

  • Remember that renown is optional, you can choose not to gain power if you don't want Edmure to steal it.

  • "Gain" is a special game term that means taking a token from the treasury. Moving power from another player's card is different from gaining power. Compare with Riverrun's wording.
mplain 176

How do you win a game? Ok, now let me annoy the hell out of you and prevent that by taking your renown power each turn. Edmure Tully in the TV Show… Not so good. Edmure Tully in the card game, damn! I have seen players purposefully not trigger their renown ability so Edmure doesn’t steal their power. A fantastic Stark card and given even more rise to the House Tully deck.