Casa Lannister. No Leal.
Lugar. Coste: 4.

Disputa. Fortaleza.

Acción de Reto: arrodilla Harrenhal para poner en juego desde tu mano un Personaje o de la Casa Bolton. Al final de la fase, si ese Personaje sigue en juego, mátalo (no puede salvarse).

Matthew Cowdery
Por el honor de la familia #50.

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5/5 : All day, every day.

If we only look at what is available thru the third chapter pack of the second cycle, this card is still broken. The cost is mitigated by the fact that it pays for itself the turn it comes into play. Its simplest function is dropping a body in for claim soak or to win a needed challenge. When paired with the Hound, it becomes a generator of 4 gold worth of value every turn. When paired with Tower of the Hand, it becomes an unstoppable tempo machine that will win the game. For any card game, every time an effect like this gets printed on a card that stays in play it becomes a combo enabler and leads to deck types that don't play the same game as your opponent. Its very strong, and the set back of killing a guy will rarely be a factor in how it is used.

Rules FAQ

  • "At the end of the phase" delayed effects trigger outside of the phase, so you won't be able to trigger Crossroads Sellsword or Winterfell Crypt.

  • You can use Harrenhal to put a unique character into play as a duplicate, if you already have another copy of that character in play. At the end of the phase, you will not have to kill that character, or discard that duplicate (note the wording: "If that character is still in play").
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