Casa Lannister. Leal.
Personaje. Coste: 7. FUE: 6.

Lady. Reina.

Cersei Lannister no se arrodilla cuando es declarada como atacante en un reto .

Reacción: después de que se descarte 1 o más cartas de la mano de un adversario, si no apoyas a ese jugador, Cersei Lannister gana 1 de Poder. (Límite de 3 veces por ronda.)

Aurore Folny
Leones de Roca Casterly #1.

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Cersei Lannister

There is a reason why Cersei is one of the most dangerous characters in GoT. This card exemplifies that. Not kneeling during INT, gaining power for each card your opponent discards through claim, plot effects, events, and even reserve is a powerhouse. Throw her in with the insane Rains of Castamere agenda and your opponent becomes very afraid.

Rules FAQ

  • Cersei's ability can be triggered when an opponent discards a card for reserve, intrigue claim, or any other reason.
Does Catelyn (core) or Winterfell, stop that reaction ? — Campeur 1
Yep, just like any other non-forced reaction. — mplain 176
If you have 3 Bastard daughters in play, and they die to Wildfire or valar, does your Cersei trigger 3 times? — MaesterPetyr 2
Yes. Cersei reacts to each Bastard Daughter's ability individually. — mplain 176
In case claim 2, how many power will get Cersei? — Bonehart 107
One power when multiple cards are discarded at the same time. — scantrell24 2442
Does Cersei get power when a character is placed in the dead pile because of head on spikes? — luke90 1
Yes. The card is still discarded, only the destination is changed. — scantrell24 2442