Casa Greyjoy. No Leal.
Personaje. Coste: 3. FUE: 3.

Dios Ahogado.

Reacción: después de que un Personaje entre en juego desde tu pila de muertos, elige un Personaje del Dios Ahogado para que gane 1 de Poder. (Límite de 2 veces por fase.)

"Ya tendré comodidades en las estancias acuosas del Dios Ahogado, bajo las olas." Aeron Pelomojado
Andreia Ugrai
Todos los hombres son bufones #11.

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Discípulo ahogado

Does this trigger off itself? Like, if you use Old Wyk to get it out, does it trigger? I can't tell because this is a reaction to something entering play from death, but does that mean when it enters or when the ability bringing it back is triggered?

The important thing is whether this card is in play by the time you can trigger its ability. Whether it was in play when something it reacts to happened is irrelevant. This is true for all abilities in AGOT. So yes, it triggers off itself. — mplain 176

Rules FAQ:

  • Triggers off himself entering play from your dead pile.

  • Triggers off characters entering play from your dead pile, regardless on which side they enter play. So, triggers when your opponent uses House of the Undying or The White Shadows, but not when you use them.
mplain 176