Trama. Ingresos: 5. Iniciativa: 2. Conquista: 1. Reserva: 5. Límite por mazo: 2.

Edicto. Invierno.

Las capacidades de cartas no pueden hacer que entren en juego Personajes.

Lukas Banas
Todos los hombres son bufones #19.

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Atrancar las puertas

Rules FAQ:

  • Ambush is a card ability, so it cannot be used while Barring the Gates is the revealed plot.

  • Card abilities also cannot cause characters to enter play as duplicates. (Source)

  • Lady-in-Waiting and Night Gathers... work as normal. (Source)

  • Here to Serve doesn't provide an option to add a Maester character to your hand. You may look through your deck, and you must shuffle it, but that's all.
mplain 176
Does it prevent my characters to come from my dead pile? — Normandwizard 20
Into play - yes. Close Call would work fine though. — mplain 176
What about Night Gathers? — scantrell24 2442
I interpret 'cause' as 'directly cause'. As in, the resolution of a card ability would result in a character entering play. Night Gathers doesn't put characters into play, so it doesn't directly cause characters to enter play. If you interpret 'cause' wider, as in 'without this ability you couldn't put this character into play', then you'd need to account for discounts and gold-generating abilities as well, no? — mplain 176
Prevents "Here to serve"? — Hasr 1
Yup. — mplain 176
What exactly happens withe "Here to serve"? Can the maester be searched and put in to hand or is it impossible to resolve at all? — stahlwolle 1
Here to Serve doesn't prodive an option to add a Maester card to your hand. You can look throught your deck, and you MUST shuffle it, but that's all. — mplain 176