Lugar. Coste: 1.

Desembarco del Rey.

Acción de Reto: paga 1 de Oro y arrodilla el Lecho de Pulgas para poner en juego desde tu pila de descartes un Personaje con un coste impreso de 3 o menos. Al final de la fase, si esa carta aún está en juego, colócala en la parte inferior de tu mazo.

Carta diseñada por Greg Atkinson, campeón mundial de 2004.

Card design by 2004 World Champion, Greg Atkinson.

Regis Moulun
La venganza de Oberyn #98.

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Lecho de Pulgas

Rules FAQ:

  • If you use Flea Bottom to put Arya Stark into play, you can discard her duplicate to prevent her from being placed on the bottom of your deck at the end of the phase.

  • If you use Flea Bottom to put a unique character into play as a duplicate, that duplicate will be placed on the bottom of your deck at the end of the phase. If it leaves play before that, nothing will happen. The duplicated character will not be affected.
mplain 176
Hello ! What would be the interraction with Waking the Dragon ? — Benji 405
Both delayed effects attempt to resolve "at the end of the phase", the first player chooses the order in which they resolve. — mplain 176
Interestingly, this has the same "Card design by..." text as the first edition version, but the effects have nothing to do with each other. — Hattes 1
I've heard that this was supposed to be the original design for the 1.0 card, but it was deemed unbalanced, and they reworked it into something completely different. And this 2.0 version is actually true to the original concept. — mplain 176