Casa Tyrell. No Leal.
Accesorio. Coste: 2.


Sólo Personajes Lady.

El Personaje vinculado gana el rasgo Reina.

Acción: pon en pie al Personaje vinculado y retíralo de un reto para elegir un Personaje participante. Pon en pie a ese Personaje y retíralo del reto. (Límite de 1 vez por fase.)

Dani Hartel
La Casa de las Espinas #20.

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Reina de los Siete Reinos

Rules FAQ:

  • Attached character must be kneeling and participating in order to pay the cost of the ability. However, the target does not necessarily have to kneeling.

  • You can use this ability if attached character is attacking alone - you pay the cost, and then fail to choose an eligible target. However, if there are other participating characters, you must target one of them.
mplain 176
Is it possible to attach this to an opponent's lady and use the Action? — Hasr 1
You can attach this card to an opponent's Lady character, yes. But you cannot stand and disengage a character you do not control as a cost for an ability. — mplain 176
An opponent's game elements may not be used to pay a cost. ( — mplain 176
You cannot use this ability if the attached character is attacking alone. From the RRG: If an ability requires the choosing of a target (or targets), and there is no valid target (or not enough valid targets), then the ability cannot be initiated. This initiation check is made at the same time the ability’s play restrictions are checked. — boothby 1
At the time when play restrictions are checked, there is a perfectly valid target - the attached character itself. — mplain 176