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Reim 575

This is the deck I brought to america and won the World Championships 2017. It is based on the deck I played in Birmingham this year with few adjustments to the chapter packs and the meta I expected at worlds. I expected Nights watch/Wolf and Martell Decks with many resets. Thats the reason why I switched back to Trading with the Pentoshi instead of Fallen from Favor. I did not face any of the expected Decks but nevertheless Trading helped a lot and so it was the right decision to cut Fallen from favor. The last change I made was cutting Bodyguard for 1 time „The Iron Bank“ and it was also a very good choice. This event was in 2 games very useful, so maybe I will add another copy. Mirri was of no use, so maybe she will lose her place in the deck again and I will add 1 copy of Aggo, Black Walder, Unsullied or Qotho (synergy with flea bottom could be useful). Qotho could also be very useful for Barristan Selmy Decks. Barristan Selmy and „his“ attachment Warrior`s Braid (I thought before worlds to add 1 and than decided to add Bodyguard instead, which one also did not made it finally) are amazing cards but Barristan does not fit very well in my deck because of my card draw (counting and Danny).

Regarding the basic idea see the deck I posted in June. descripción del link

A tournament report will follow as soon as possible. Some games are recorded on twitch I think.

Thanks to team Yurop and the american meta. It was a great pleasure and honor for me to spend the whole week with them in Roseville gambling, eating and drinking. And last but not least thanks to all guys in Vienna, Graz and so on, who have played with me in the past thousand of times and supported me to improve my skills for this amazing game...THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS

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Bonehart 112

Great job. Congratulations.

chriswhite 1

Nice work! It's amazing that you can find room for garbage like Heads on Spikes but can't find room for a card that is the best kill spell in the game and on the very short list for best card in the game. AHOY!

PrinceGus 1

One hell of a ride Sir! The best Reintschi in the world

kaikou 395

I was lucky of sharing with you this experience and, as I told you before the begining of the top 16, you and Nico were my favourite to win the Worlds. This deck is awsome but I think that definetively the strongest point is the pilot.

Counting the days to see you again in sthaleck friend.


Reim 575

Thanks for the congratulations! are right, I really should cut both heads and include tears 3 times @kaikou I'm also looking forward to see you in Stahleck but without Winter Festival ;)

King Nothing 1

Hail to the king! Looking forward to the beer on thursday!

jeermaster 616

Nice deck! Congratulations!

sdrewthomson 1

Congratulations! I really enjoyed watching the coverage of the event and I was rooting for you in the finals as I am a Targ loyalist myself. FIRE AND BLOOD!

colonialbob 31

Well done indeed! Several people were saying you were out of the final when you saw no econ locations... I kept telling them Targ Crossing doesn't need econ to win. You certainly proved me right! Congratulations!

UrosK 13

Lord Dagmar LUL.

Kobal 1

@Reim Congratulations from me as well.

I would have a maybe unusual question, but since I suffered a few rather decisive losses against this deck (or very similar variants) in our local meta I would appreciate input from its certified master on how to beat it. :)

What would you consider this deck's weak point, and weak matchups, if any? In particular, does any controllish Martel variant stand a chance?

Reim 575

Thanks...@colonialbobindeed I've won many games without Eco Locations since I am playing the deck. I think that's one reason why the deck is so consistent. My cheap but strong characters allow me to play this plotline. @KobalMartell Decks with many resets (especially Varys) are certainly not the best matchups. So Varys hurts a lot (Flea bottom on the board would help). I found out that Martell/Stag with cancer Lancer and Dominance is worse than Martell/Wolf for my Deck. My Deck also don`t like Nightswatch (especially NW/Rains) with craven and milk that much (Viserys Combos would help). But finally there was no house in the last 6 months against which I always lost or against which I would have no chance at all.

iaan 17

Was great to watch your journey from home, congrats again! Hope to see you at the Castle (and maybe play?). ^^ - Fabian

Nimer 1052

Congratz double champion!!! I'm really happy for you, absolutely deserved! Are you going to win Stahleck as well or will you leave something to the mere mortals? :P I hope to be a more challenging opponent if we face again... ;)

gabi4008 343

Congratulations reini! The incredible double of euros and worlds is done.will the tripple follow in two weeks?

Reim 575

Thanks my mates!!! That would be amazing, but I think thats too much luck in one year ;). @Nimer I think it was your worst draw ever in the semifinal, so in absolutely every other game you would be a challenge for sure. @iaan thanks Fabi. We will see each other there and you will get your revenge - maybe ;)

Orion727 70

Congratulations for your fantastic showing and great year overall. Absolutely deserved. Hope another title follows at Stahleck. There is one stain you have to work out next year but that keeps you from getting rusty. And please never play the good cards, that we at least have a small chance.

imabunneh 307

What a champ! Sehr toll, meine neue Freunde! My German still sucks :D

Kakita_Rinsei 20

Congrats on the win, strong deck and a great player piloting it. Love the idea of running Syrio Forel.

Hybrid92 51

Hi Reinhard, quick question - do you know the top Bara player at Worlds? I heard he played Bara Alliance Kraken Dragon and is from Austria. Very interested to see his decklist!!

Reim 575

Yes, he is a good friend of mine. I think he will read your massage as well and will contact you.

Hybrid92 51

I don't think you can private message on this website and I heard he doesn't have Facebook. How will he contact me? Thanks very much btw

arathorn 1

"congratulation" to say it with your words... but I would say grats or congratulations! player in kanzleimeta ;)

Mormegil 11

Hey man (Hallo Kollege), fantastic deck, especially in regards to versatility. Everybody should try it out in my opinion since you have such an abundance of win conditions that every game is a bit different.

I would maybe add 1x Great Hall, Second Sons, Flee Bottom (to 3) , 2x Qotho and drop Miri, Handmaiden, Braided Warrior and Syrio. I am also more of a fan of the Estates than of the Roseroads so I would swap those arounds. Have had a slightly higher winning Ration with this "modified deck" since the Flea Bottom/Second Sons absurdity became even more reliable. I did not win Worlds though :P.

Anyways, try the deck out, you'll have a blast!