House Martell. Leal.
Character. Coste: 6. FUE: 4.



Each other Lord and Lady character you control gets +1 STR for each plot card in your used pile.

"Who fears to walk upon the grass? But it is the grass that hides the viper from his enemies and shelters him until he strikes."
Tawny Fritzinger
Core Set #105.

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Doran Martell

Rules FAQ

RRG pg 15 "When a player reveals the final card of his or her plot deck, after all just revealed plot cards have entered play and all necessary 'When revealed' abilities have resolved, each plot card in that player's used pile is returned to his or her plot deck."

So with a standard 7-card plot deck, Doran's maximum strength buff will occur on turn 6 at +5 strength.

On turn 7, the buff falls down to 0.

That can't be right. the plots would stay in play and active until the the next plot phase as you need to look at constant plot effects. — Novosignum 7
@Novosignum The 7th plot is revealed. The other six are back in your plot deck, not in your used pile. — scantrell24 3230