The Night's Watch. No Leal.
Attachment. Coste: 1.


character only.

While attached character is participating in a challenge, it gets +2 STR and is immune to opponent's character abilities.

Dragonglass. What the maesters call obsidian.
Zezhou Chen
Ghosts of Harrenhal #86.

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Dragonglass Dagger

Rules FAQ:

  • Attached character is immune to triggered abilities (Areo Hotah, Mirri Maz Duur), constant abilities (Balon Greyjoy, Daenerys Targaryen), and keywords (intimidate).

  • Being immune to stealth doesn't help you in any way: it doesn't protect attached character from being bypassed (because he's not participating yet when attackers are declared), and doesn't let him bypass opponent's characters that have stealth (being immune doesn't translate into being able to ignore a targeting restriction). (Source)
mplain 213
Begging Brothers count as a character ability correct? — Simonmmm 1
Also effects end simultaneously right? eg.Astapor's reduction and dragonglass dagger's addition would end simultaneously? — Simonmmm 1
So this is also useless vs Drowned God Fanatic? — Simonmmm 1