House Stark. No Leal.
Character. Coste: 2. FUE: 1.

House Tully. Lord.

While Hoster Tully is participating in a challenge, each other participating House Tully character you control gains renown.

Her father was growing weaker and more delirious with every passing day, waking only to mutter, "Tansy," and beg forgiveness.
Tiziano Baracchi
All Men Are Fools #1.

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Hoster Tully

Imagining Tyrell Banner Wolf knight rush decks running this with Queen Margaery. Simple way to trigger her and provide another opportunity for power claim with tumblestones.

Nogan 252
If a Tully character that already has the "renown" keyword attacks with Hoster Tully, does he gain 2 power tokens instead of one ? — Madus 7
Cards are considered to have a keyword or to not have that keyword. A single card that has and/or is gaining the same keyword from multiple sources functions as if it has one instance of that keyword. ( ) — mplain 211