Event. Coste: 0.

Action: If it is not the taxation phase, kneel your faction card and return a character to your hand to gain gold equal to that character's printed cost. Until the end of the round, you cannot marshal or put into play any card with the same title as that character.

Card design by 2013 Melee World Champion, Ryan Jones.

Christine Thomas
Oberyn's Revenge #99.

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The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due

Rules FAQ

  • Characters returned to hand with The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due can be marshalled into shadows the same turn, but not brought out of shadows that turn.
If I use The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due to return Missandei to my hand. Can I discard Missandei to my hand to play another card "discard another card from your hand to..." (e.g Consuming Flames or Plaza of Pride) ? In this case Missandei will be put into play in the same turn. — FKT 1
There's no mention of needing to control the card I want to return to my hand, so is it possible to use on a Bronn that was originally mine, but is no longer under my control? — supergrubb 7
@supergrubb. No, you cannot. In "Do X to do Y" effects, the X part is a cost and must be paid with cards, gold, etc. that you control. — scantrell24 3082
Can I use this card to ‘save’ a character during the plot phase? In response to a Valar or March for example? — lukesband 1
No. This ability is an action not an interrupt. — scantrell24 3082