The Night's Watch. No Leal.
Event. Coste: 0.

Reaction: After the plot phase begins, choose a character you control. Remove it from the game until the beginning of the next plot phase.

"Sam, the Night’s Watch has hundreds of men who can loose an arrow, but only a handful who can read or write. I need you to become my new maester." Jon Snow
Igor Artyomenko
Journey to Oldtown #26.

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Journey to Oldtown

Rules FAQ

  • Effects such as Barring the Gates or The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due do not prevent a character removed by Journey to Oldtown from reentering, as the effect is not putting them into play, but rather an effect that removed them from play is expiring. (Source)
  • Characters removed by Journey to Oldtown re-enter play at the beginning of the first plot phase step (1.1), which means before any Reactions (including Forced Reactions) to the plot phase beginning trigger.
  • Characters removed from play will return under their owner's control.