House Martell. Leal.
Character. Coste: 7. FUE: 5.



Challenges Action: Return Arianne Martell to your hand to choose a character with a lower STR than hers, and return it to its owner's hand.

I want Sunspear, and my father's seat. I want Dorne.
Sara Winters
Journey to Oldtown #35.

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Arianne Martell

Rules FAQ

  • Returning Arianne to hand is a cost, and occurs even if her ability is canceled.
  • When a card leaves play, it returns to it's owner's out-of-play area, so if an opponent takes control of your Arianne, she will return to your hand if your opponent uses her ability.
Can a "return to hand" be saved? In other words, does returning 1 copy satisfy the ability? (Especially with Ghaston Grey (cannot be saved) in mind) — Xavaerys Targaryen 1
@Xavaerys Costs cannot be saved, so you have to actually return Arianne to hand to satisfy the cost. However, your opponent could use a dupe to save the target from leaving play. — scantrell24 3231