The Night's Watch. Leal.
Event. Coste: 2.

Plot Action: Kneel your faction card to choose an opponent and look at his or her plot deck. Choose 1 plot in that deck. That player must reveal that plot as his or her next plot card, if able.

Card design by 2014 Joust World Champion, Sam Braatz.

Federico Musetti
Someone Always Tells #106.

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The Crow is a Tricksy Bird

Rules FAQ

  • If your opponent is playing The Rains of Castamere, their Scheme plots are not considered to be in their plot deck during the plot phase. You will not be able to look at them or choose them for the effect.
  • If your opponent triggers Rains during the next Challenges Phase, they are not able to reveal the plot card you chose (since it is not a Scheme), and instead are free to reveal whichever Scheme plot they want. However, this was still their “next plot”, and they are now also free to reveal whatever plot they want during their next Plot Phase.