House Greyjoy. No Leal.
Location. Coste: 0.


Interrupt: When a character you control discards a card using pillage, kneel and sacrifice Scouting Vessel to discard 3 cards instead.

Tomasz Jedruszek
Kings of the Isles #20.

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Scouting Vessel

Rules FAQ

  • If you trigger more than 1 Scouting Vessel when pillage happens, each Scouting Vessel adds 2 additional pillage. For example, triggering 2 Scouting Vessel will result in 5 cards being pillaged.

  • All pillaged cards enter the discard pile simultaneously.

  • You can trigger an ability that reacts to cards being pillaged for each card pillaged. (Source)

  • In between each time you want to trigger an ability that reacts to each card being pillaged, your opponent also has an opportunity to react to a card being pillaged.