Plot. Ingresos: 4. Iniciativa: 4. Conquista: 1. Reserva: 8. Límite por mazo: 2.


When Revealed: Each player draws 2 cards. Then, each player without a City plot card in his or her used pile chooses and discards 2 cards from his or her hand.

Paolo Puggioni
At the Gates #19.

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City of Secrets

Rules FAQ

  • If each player didn’t draw 2 cards(Ex: a player has High Sparrow in play and another player’s plot that draws 2 cards triggered first), then the pre-then condition has not been met and no one discards any cards even if they don’t have a city plot in their used plot.
  • If City of secrets is revealed as your last plot, the plots in your used pile remained there until after all the When Revealed abilities have been initiated.