House Targaryen. No Leal.
Character. Coste: 2. FUE: 2.


Reaction: After an attachment enters play, gain 1 gold. (Limit once per phase.)

At first Groleo had wanted the dragons caged and Dany had consented to put his fears at ease, but their misery was so palpable that she soon changed her mind and insisted they be freed.
Scott Altmann
Dragons of the East #12.

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Captain Groleo

Rules FAQ

  • You may trigger his reaction to an attachment that entered play under an opponent's control.
  • Cards that do not have the printed Attachment card type, but however are granted the Attachment card type as they enter play, are considered a valid triggering condition for Captain Groleo. (Ex: Risen by the Sea, Valyrian’s Crew, Dothraki Handmaiden, Blood Magic Ritual)