Event. Coste: X.

Action: Choose and kneel a character with printed cost X or lower. If that character has the Ally or Mercenary trait, you may take control of it instead.

The gaoler's eyes had gone big as boiled eggs as he yanked open the drawstring and beheld the glint of gold.
Quintin Gleim
Dragons of the East #45.

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Rules FAQ

  • If you choose to take control of the target character, the character will not be knelt because "Instead" signifies that the control change replaces the kneel.
Does this cost nothing if you bring it out of shadows with the Assault from Shadows agenda? — BreakdownofSanity 1
No. — scantrell24 3337
Actually, yes, but not in the way you intend. Like Hand’s Judgment, Bribery will gain Shadow (0). However, the targets of Bribery are restricted based on the value of X, as defined by its gold cost. Because you are not paying the gold cost for Bribery when playing it from shadows, X will be undefined and default to 0, only allowing you to target 0-cost characters. — scantrell24 3337