Character. Coste: 4. FUE: 3.

Army. Mercenary.

Bestow (1). Pillage.

Brave Companions get +1 STR for each character you control with 1 or more gold.

Reaction: After you marshal Brave Companions, search the top 10 cards of your deck for an Army character, a Commander character, and a Mercenary character, reveal them, and add them to your hand. Shuffle your deck.

Tomasz Jedruszek
Hear My Words #42.

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Brave Companions

Rules FAQ

  • You do not need to find all three characters, even if three are available.

  • You are allowed to find up to three different characters even if one of those characters has more than one of the searched-for traits. You can also find two copies of the same character (for instance, Vargo Hoat), one for each trait.

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