House Tyrell. No Leal.
Location. Coste: 1.

The Reach.

Action: Kneel Goldengrove or a Small Council character to choose another card you own with equal or lower printed cost. Stand that card and take control of it. (Limit twice per round.)

Taehoon Kang
For the Realm #24.

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Rules FAQ

  • You can trigger Goldengrove as long as at least one of the two effects can happen. In other words, the chosen card either needs to be kneeling, needs to be controlled by another player, or both.

  • A “card you own” is any card that was in your deck at the start of the game, regardless of who currently controls it.

Odrl 1249
It says "card you own with equal or lower printed cost". Do faction cards have cost, and consequently, can I stand my faction card? — PeachOffering 1