House Targaryen. Leal.
Character. Coste: 5. FUE: 4.

Mercenary. Spy.


During the first challenge you initiate each phase, defenders are declared before you declare attackers. (Attackers and defenders are knelt simultaneously as part of initiating the challenge.)

Card design by 2017 European Joust Champion, Reinhard Schefcik.

Mark Bulahao
As High as Honor #13.

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Lysono Maar

Rules FAQ

  • To initiate your first challenge with Lysono in play, you will need to announce the challenge type and the opponent first. You can only do so if the challenge can legally be initiated, which means you must have an eligible attacker, and you must have permission to initiate a challenge of that type, and against that opponent. The opponent will then choose defenders. After that, you will choose attackers (you do not have the option of declining to declare any attackers), and the challenge will be initiated. The game treats all of the above as occurring simultaneously (in step 4.2).

  • Lysono’s constant ability is automatic and mandatory, even if you would prefer not to use it.

  • The first challenge means the first challenge you initiate as a player each phase, not the first challenge you initiate after Lysono has entered play. For instance, if you put Lysono into play after you have already initiated a challenge that phase, his ability will have no further effect.

  • You can still choose stealth targets for any characters with stealth and trigger abilities like Stonesnake. But since defenders are chosen first, they will not be affected in time to prevent them from being declared as defenders. Assault can still be used as normal.

Odrl 1249
So what happens to the step 4.2.1, "Defending player declares defenders"? I mean the intention si clear, but neither your explanation, nor the card text is explicit about that. Worse so, it is unclear what happens to the action window subsequent to 4.2.1. Is it skipped? Does it still occur? Mostly it does not matter I guess, but there may be some specific game state where two subsequent action windows are different to only one. For instance the second player passing in the first window may be an information that makes the first player change their mind about taking an action. — BlaiddDrwg 1
Step 4.2.1 is basically moved to an earlier point and is not resolved again later in the challenge. The action window still remains, so you need to "double pass" after attackers are declared to proceed to determining the winner of the challenge. — Odrl 1249