TOP4 Czech&Slovak Nationals Prague 23/09 - Rhllor Dominance

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Bonehart 137

Hi, this was my deck used on Czech&Slovak National in Prague 23/09. I was pretty unsure what to play on this event and just last week before the tournament I made this deck. Even the test was not successful so I made some last minute changes. Even those were not very effective against my meta mates, but I decided to try it anyway hoping for 3 wins like on last year CS Nationals.

Deck is based on dominance, not losing power challenges and slowing the enemy. Key stones of deck The Red Keep – help with power challenges and draw, The The Iron Throne with Chamber of the Painted Table and Light of the Lord which I used on my big dudes to help me win the dominance. Especially Bob enchanted by Light in combination with Stannis was very effective. I used 2x Motley to play annoying attachment which should provoke opponent to play Confiscation on it and not on my Light. I selected big Mell as she can be also very effective in dominance and the filtering of opponents hand can bring a lot of pain. Latest addition was 2x Begging Brother and they saved me several times.

At the begging of the tourney I was somehow blessed by the Master – I got a very lucky mat from Reinhard Schefcik. I owe you more than few beers, Reinhard 

Almost whole tournament was for me battle against Martells. Played 6/9 games against them but only Andre was able to avenge Ellia.

R1: Emilka R. Martell Stag

Emilka is maybe 8 – 9 year old girl and for her age she played really well. Her deck was typical Martell deck of these days – small characters, winning by losing, … Game was lost for her after a marshaled Stannis’s Cavalery and she was not able to stand any characters. Bob and the dominance finished the job.

R2: James mýval Weigl – Martell KoS

Deck with new Viper and icon control. Cressen was the key together with milk on Nymeria

R3: Honzík R. – NW Fealty.

Another small kid, but with lot of experience. In setup I started with double Stannis and something. Honzik started with lot of small chars and added some more in plot 1. His mistake was to keep Wall in the hand which I discarded by Seen in Flames. Valar in plot 3 was not able to save him and it was quite quick.

R4: Andre – Martell Wolf

From this round it started to be really interesting. Andre had a huge economy, constantly Ghaston Grey on table. I was slowly collecting power via dominance and table, but as soon as Pyromancers got on table, game started to turn. Luckily I lost only one location when fully loaded Begging brother saved my … Very long and very interesting game.

R5: Atterdag – Martell Fealty

Similar game like round 2. Icon control, fully operational Nymeria, bouncing Venomous Blade. I lost my Cressen and with new Viper games started to change. It was a slow game and when time run out, score was 7-6 for Atterdag. Unfortunately for Atterdag he forgot about ability of Viper and didn't make the POW challenge which would bring him 3 POW as my Robert was Imprisoned I won the dominance, score was 7-7 and in my deck were 2 more card. Lucky win.

R6: David Rohrich – Lannister Wolf

It was a pretty quick game as I got everything and was able to protect myself against Valar. Milk on Tywin, discard Ward and Mell killed Ned. David quitted the game.

Top16: Peterko – Tyrell Summer

My meta friend, I know his deck really good and hew was beating me last weeks like hell. Unfortunately he didn't see this deck and didn't know what to expect. I started with Stannis against Randyll. In plot 1 I milked Margery and Randyll got mad (Motley). He tried heavily several times to push through MIL by 5 to kill my Robert with PttS, but unlucky discard on Motley and Robert were able to stop him. This time I won more on Renown than dominance

T8: Liborhood – Martell Wolf

Again long game which I won based on dominance. I was not able to attack against Ghaston & Viper eyes, Libor was not able was not able to push though Robert and Stannis. Begging brother was protecting me against Varys and Libor got his Pyromancers to late. When the game ended, score was 8-3 or something close to it

T4: Andre – Martell Wolf

Replay from R4. Andre had a great setup against me with Iron throne. As I didn't get it, he was slowly gathering power, using on me all Martell tricks with bouncing blade, Ghaston, Ward, Ward and Flee Bottom. I didn't find any useful weapon against him this time and for the first time in tournament I was unhappy that there is no reset plot in my deck. Deserved win by Andre, Ellia was finally avenged.

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thy.nightmare 1

Congrats on result and thx for great report!

iTrvis 365

Congrats on making top 4! How does the deck fare against Greyjoy and Lannisters? I've been having some trouble dealing with them as Baratheon lately and have been trying to make them work for quite sometime now. Your deck and the other finalist (Bara-Alliance) has given my some rekindled faith and I look forward to deck building once again.

Reim 773

Congrats on your result. It was not the mat, it was your skill that brought you to Top 4. I hope we will see us soon because I am very thirsty ;)

Bonehart 137

@iTrvisGJ are biggest problem with their location control, but deck can survive if you have Staniss on board and Begging Brother needs to cancel reaction of Euron Crow's Eye. Lannister are usually a close match, it really helps to wins 1-2 to win a dominace with Melisandre (GtR) on board. Biggest problem for me were Starks with Robb Stark (Core). If he has a support from Jon Snow (WotN) or The North Remembers, usually they are able negate Stannis Baratheon (Core) and kill all my boys

America 161

Bonehart = Kenny Omega of AGOTLCG