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Jadehope 75

I'm sure there are a ton of wolf decks out there, but I never checked and that wasn't my original inspiration for this deck. The inspiration came from wanting to make the new Bran Stark (OR) actually WORK as he is literally my favorite character from the series and I love the idea of Worging.

I tried using a whole variety of power rush and typical sacrificial strategies common with the Starks, but just kept on losing and losing and losing. However, when I finally let go of the idea of Arya Stark (Core), Eddard Stark (WotN) and Catelyn Stark (WotN) needing to be in every deck, the game itself just opened up. Then actually rolling around Wolf Dreams in my head, finally realizing I can proactively add any wolf at all to whatever character I randomly pull, the deck sprung to life.

With the least characters I've ever had in a deck, I've built something that always has strong military defense on the table, cash in the bank when I need it, and a hand full of events without even using Counting Coppers.

Warning though that this deck takes a short while to get moving, basically until your opponent is struggling to keep up any kind of a defensive line. But once those scales tip, you'll be swimming in unopposed bonuses, power claims, and Dominance.

Ultimately, I feel I've created a deck that doesn't require any one particular Character to actually win and can adapt to any situation that might arise.

Basic Strategies:

Starting strategies; You have Robb Stark (Core) or Rickon Stark? Immediately deploy their wolf with A Time For Wolves. If not, start off with Late Summer Feast to get as much on the table as possible.

Card draws; Match up Ser Rodrik Cassel with as many uniques as possible when attacking.

Military Claim; Almost always use The Eyrie on the opponent to stop them from using Military claim on their cheap Characters. Try to hold your Winter Is Coming for double claims until The Eyrie is on the table, if possible.

Interrupts; Don't waste your The Pack Survives on small events. Hold them off for the game-winning moments.

Intrigue; There is literally 0 Intrigue in this deck on purpose. As I intentionally want them to Intrigue me so I can use Like Warm Rain, plus the Ser Rodrik Cassel Insight always compensates. In addition, having as many events in the Discard Pile when it comes time to clinch the game with The Annals of Castle Black, always ensures an epic win.

Wolf Dreams; Always try to have Stealth as an option with Wolves of the North. Stealth combos splendidly with Bran Stark (OR) on the table. But if you have three wolves already in play (preferably at least one unique wolf), I would usually bring Roaming Wolfpack into play instead. That Intimidate and Direwolf Bonus on attacks makes Ser Rodrik Cassel card draws a Guarantee. Try to keep at least one The Pack Survives in hand for moments like this when an In the Name of Your King! or likewise could be played.

Participating; Be sure to take full advantage of the Winterfell Kennel Master ability to have your opponent commit more to a challenge than necessary, so you can hopefully draw them out. This leaves them open for a Direwolf stand with Bran Stark (OR), so you may hit them with an Unopposed Intrigue or Power Claim, or second Miliarty Claim if A Storm of Swords is in play.

Dead Pile; There is always almost nothing in the Dead pile, even when going up against the Greyjoys, as the Summer (Core) - Flea Bottom combo is so strong in keeping the cheap stuff in hand or in play, including Bran Stark (OR) himself.

PS. This is the first time I've ever felt I've made Marched to the Wall work effectively in every game to get rid of pesky duped characters such as Tywin Lannister (Core).

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blp 1

I think it's warg.

Happyfarmer 2

Gave me a giggle saying WORGING. Anybody want to WORG? Let's all WORG

tonywok 2

Very creative deck.