The Freys Lay Their Claim (Baratheon, Crossing)

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ChrisChris 526

Baratheon could only place a single representative on the second day of Worlds. Varieties of rush placed King of Swiss and World Champion. Can the latter bring out the best in the former? Yes.

"The Freys Lay Their Claim" seeks to leverage a variety of cheap and offbeat power gain to rush to the victory. There are the obvious sources of power gain (the agenda itself; Heads on Spikes; the renown of Robert Baratheon, Walder Frey, Ser Barristan Selmy (TS), and Beric Dondarrion), but I'd like to focus on some of the more esoteric choices.

Fickle Bannerman are powerful (3-gold, 5-strength bi-cons with renown) but are, in a word, fickle and switch sides easily unless you're willing to invest heavily in them. That investment can be offset, however, with the bestow support of Favors From the Crown and Unbridled Generosity, but what else will make playing those cards worthwhile?

The Frey Bastard. So long as she triggers, this moon-faced girl is the engine of the deck. Her reaction has no per challenge limit. Said reaction activates Disputed Claim, which both she and her legitimate brethren can hold and even accrue power through twice a round so long as their father pulls them into a second challenge. She can be popped in through Flea Bottom. Busted.

Then, while your opponent is reeling from these hits, finish the round with a Consolidation of Power or two on your own characters to reach that fifteenth power.

Game, set, match.

You are welcome.

4 comentarios

Diomedes 918

Nice deck! I like the idea. You can trigger Frey Bastard only once per challenge, though.

Banjo 97

@Diomedes Why can she only trigger it once per challenge?

GreatGopher 7

@Banjo It's a reaction, not an action. Reactions can only be activated once per triggering event, which in this case is winning the challenge. (If this weren't the case, Gendry would be an auto-win.)

ChrisChris 526

@Diomedes, @GreatGopher Nerts, but my enthusiasm remains unabated. Forward, only forward.