Bara/Alliance 2nd prague nationals and best Bara at worlds

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gabi4008 410

Hello Some people asked for this here it is;) I was not sure if I should publish it because of the tourney to stahleck next week.maybe I play the same list again. But after thinking about, my opinion is,that my deck has no secrets.even when you know my list it can be hard to beat this deck.and the 30th place at worlds was not enough to be afraid that people build decks against mine…haha

The history of the deck In general is this the deck I played last year in stahleck,where I made the top 16.i played bara/dragon in a meta without valar.after valar released,the deck became problems. I took the deck for a few months aside and played some different decks. But I was allways thinking about the improvement of the deck…at some point I decided to try alliance.with the additional kraken banner I could manage my problems against valar.the release of spears of the merling king also helped;) First I played the deck in some tournaments at home.i gave it two times in a “driver not the car” tournament to get some informations from other players about the my surprise,most of the people liked to play my 75 cards deck;) In the beginning I played 9 reducer.but after testing I saw that they are good for claim and setup,but in the mid/endgame they I tried to find some better boddies.i switched the greyjoys to lordsport shipright,witch was super because of the increasing flea bottom meta.and in targaryen irri was the best card witch became released.she is so incredible good in this deck.i stayed at 5 reducers in the end.i think that is a good number for an alliance deck. After all these changes I tried the deck in a bigger tournament,the chech national with 89 players.

The tournaments In prag I was little it clever to bring an alliance deck to a big tournament?but after each round of swiss I felt better.the deck works.the deck works almost against each other deck.i played against reset decks,rush decks,dominance decks and combo decks. Not all of them are good for me.but in every game I can have a chance.and that’s an important thing when you play tournaments… To my surprise I reached the finals in prague where I played against a very strong andre with his martell/wolf deck.we had a super game but after plot 7 I made a mistake witch costs me the game,I think.but never the less a very good result for me and my deck;) After this tournament I decided to bring these 75 cards to worlds. A little bit risky.traveling 7000 km to bring an alliance deck to a tournament;)but I knew I had chances.noone expects it.and when I get a good draw every deck can have problems.

My start at worlds was pretty good.4:0 and table 1.who of you was expecting an alliance deck there?maybe reinhard…I don’t know;) In the first 4 rounds I played two NW/wolf decks one targ/rains and one lanni/rains(maybe crossing) I had super tough games.very close and nice games witch I could decide for my side. Round 5 I had to face alexander fith stark/fealty.the worst matchup for me.he had jon snow in setup and played rob in round one…gg Haha…against these two cards I am close to dead.after a misplay with cressen the game was over. As first player I played cressen because of the fear of frozen solid…then I had to lough…ward on cressen and marriage pact on king bobby.well done alexander! Round 6 I faced hiper viper I did not expect viper decks….more cersei decks…they are little better for me because of location control.but the viper was a choke failed^^he got enough money to play viper with 3 ymhc…gg…one gold less and I win the game

4:2 after day one was ok.i was only fearing the vipers.all other matchups where not bad for me

Round 7 I played the later finalist eric green.a very nice guy and we had a super game. congrats to your result eric! I setuped duped stannis with a two cost.he duped victarian two cost and eco. Not good for me.with stannis on board you don’t want to see vici…I wished he had euron instead^^the game was close…the start on my side.melisandre and lightbringer did some work.but he had king balon and the game change to his 12:12 power we got to the last round.i knew he will win ini…so summons for some rholor^^I missed and only found Robert…but with one roseroad I can not play him…need kingsroad for draw…I drew selyse instead and was smiling.whith a kneel on king balon I have good chances to win this turn.but a good player plays beggingbrothers in this situation! and eric did.without kneel I can not stop vici and balon.and Robert had to stay in my hand because of no money…gg

After a good start I was out after round was hard. but I lost against a good player.

The last game I got my revanch against gj/rains so could finish in top 32 for the playmat.

I had a good tournament. i think I have not to shame on my result.even when was there to make the cut. I played a faction witch was not existend.three bara players in the field…how many alliance players did you see?

About some deck choices I play 47 characters. thats a plotline is constructed to get out every turn a big one.after resets fill up the board. I play three economy plots.i need them. Wildfire because some times ou need some reset Close call because there are many uniques witch I play three times/draw Coppers for refill the hand Summons as an option when you need something special

I removed all events from my origin deck.only support come in.brilliant card in this deck.all locations are so good.some times you need draw…sometimes a stand…ore you want to safe a big guy? I play no seen in flames because of to less rholors in deck.i don’t want to have a dead card in my hand. Lightbringer is one of the best cards in the play bara?you play core stannis and Robert?play three of them

The characters All good characters I can play;)renown most important keyword.

If you have some questions about the deck?feel free to ask!

Thank you reinhard for taking me with you to worlds.i enjoyed the time so much.i had a super week and met so many nice players.congarts to the champion at this point! Reinhard is an amazing player.

Also a thank you to the American was a nice to play with all of you and also talking about the the game…THE ONLY GAME THAT MATTERS

10 comentarios

Sugadadi 1

Nice job, i love me some Bara Alliance. Also, since youre back home i guess you can keep my Targ and Greyjoy house cards lol :P

gabi4008 410

Thank you for the housecards.sorry i forgot them totally.carma will be on your side.and i want to come back to worlds.then you will get something for them.

imabunneh 366

You stole my Lordisport Shipwrights :(

But congrats the deck is worryingly good!

Heldacarite 1

Is there anything from HoT you will add to improve your deck?

Reim 773

The Knight of the Laughing Tree. Best Bara. Best Deckbuilder. Best Gabi.

Hybrid92 250

Thank you for sharing!

arathorn 1

and best thief! as the above posters mention... ;) anyway good work gabi

adam_geek 457

All of my friend and me love your deck so much

Hybrid92 250

How will this hold up against Valar Dohaeris?

krakowsky 1

this deck is great. i recently won a samll tournament with it againts targ, greyjoy and tyrell. and it works against most of the new cards of tyrells deluxe. thank you.