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istaril 566

Featured in an article. Proof of concept, anti-combo T1 Annals.

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theon greyjoy 1

hiii nice deck!! i have a question why running The Annals of Castle Black you dont have so many and crucial events to replay and your oponents may have good events in his discard pile and you dont run The Hand's Judgment to cancel them. ty in advance

istaril 566

@theon greyjoy The Annals of Castle Black was mostly a vestige of a previous iteration - it's not that important to the deck in its current form (the deck is very rough). However, the fact that an existing deck had annals in it was why I chose it as a proof of concept anti-combo deck in this article: www.cardgamedb.com

JuSTiN 2

Hello Mr. @istaril, if you come up with a polished version of this deck (since you stress that it is a rough/PoC deck) please do share :)

I am super hyped about the latest GJ cards, just didn't have the time to try it out. I hope the concept of Gods is something close to Tier 1.

Benji 724

Hi Istaril. I playtested the mechanic in kinda every way possible, except House with the Red Door. Very honestly, this is just funny intellectual stuff where you will hit the "Concede" button asap you know its over. Your deckbuild is nice, and I would like to know if you manage to find something about it. I personally achieved nothing as soon as the opponent had some level.

r480 134

@Benji I tested the idea and you're right, if the opp knows how to play around it's almost impossible. Adding Mag might help ;)