Borebridge (Tyrell, Red Door)

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ChrisChris 981

It's just a Tyrell, Red Door to Bitterbridge Encampment deck. Play five-, six- and seven-drops and win on renown. Play two-drops to eat Marched to the Wall and claim. You can rush it on the fat renown bodies, extra power challenges from Olenna's Machinations and power gain from Superior Claim. You can grind it until your superior characters finish your opponent. Keep it simple. Give it to someone just learning the game.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.

2 comentarios

King Nothing 1

Why not one or two copys of oldtown? And what do you do against Stark if you didn't draw a rattleshirt?

ChrisChris 981

Eh. If I were worried about Stark, I'd play another Raider, but they're pretty suppressed right now, at least until the meta shakes out and people decide how worried they are about Red Door.

Oldtown wouldn't be consistent enough in this deck. It's a fine card but doesn't go in everything. I prefer a way to control my outcomes through Conclave or Maiden Fair or deck build.