Tyrell Sun Control

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scantrell24 2849

First draft of a Ladies & Knights control deck. I've tried this archetype before, but struggled for a way to gain power. Outside of Lady Sansa's Rose, there's not much, just a handful of renown characters. Setups are usually good, but plot economy is low and a few of the effects require gold (Highgarden, Hyle Hunt, etc).

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igotoofast 1

what do you think of control marge instead boost marge for this deck? also maybe cut some attacking alone tech for more revenge?

scantrell24 2849

@igotoofastI did consider Control Marge, but I wanted Core Marge to make sure my Knights could win alone to trigger LSR. Also Core Marge is cheaper and this deck's economy is very tight.

Knight Of The Blackwater 131

Any reason you aren’t taking the apple knights? They seem a better fit than the arbor knights.