Rebound Maesters (Tyrell, Conclave)

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ChrisChris 558

When picking an agenda, it’s important to ask what that agenda provides and what you want. Want rush? You pick Crossing. Want stand? Banner to the Dragon. Or maybe Rose? Economy? Fealty or Summer. Want options? Rains.

What, though, does Conclave offer? Delayed, controlled draw? A handful of low-cost intrigue and power icons with some okay abilities? What do you even do with that?

The inspiration for this deck was The Citadel. I did not get that card at first. Your draw is generally okay in Conclave and maesters can be plucked with Citadel Novice. Then I realized the key: it shuffles the deck. You’re forced to take a pile of characters that are Flea Bottom targets, and you can draw them right back? I think there’s a germ of an idea here.

It’s a reset deck. When you’re swinging triple Varys and double Valar, military icons aren’t such a big deal. Hit their hand, hit their power, wipe the board, do it again. Gain power through Oldtown and dominance. You got this. Just try not to deck yourself. My deck has ended under 10 cards half the time.

Game, set, match.

You’re welcome.

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Kau the Lion 1

I never netdeck but something about this one makes me really want to try it. Could you give me an idea of how you pilot it?

igotoofast 1

why play 3 master of sunspear when you have no attachments?