Bara Wolf [Hong Kong Store Champion Top 4]

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Pat 28

The main strategy is try to win dominance. Do not afraid of losing challenges, you can get your power by plots, Sansa and table.setup with Meli or Sansa will be better.

open with two sipkes and try to kill main characters

Full potection:

Melisandre: kneel characters

Queen’s man, Seen in fame: play immediately to discard key cards

Hollard: Not afraid of Mil challenge any more, combo with queen’s man

VD, Duel: Against high cost characters

Asshai, Consolidation of power: Against low str characters

Last hearth scout: Against flea, Lanni and Sun

3 comentarios

ironlix 1

Congrats @Pat! Where was this held in Hong Kong? Very interesting to know there are AGOT players in HK.

KhosroTheGreat 31

Congrats on the win! I like the idea behind this deck.

Pat 28

@ironlixWe have AGOT meeting every week and Tournament per quarter. Please find our fb page “Bastard Bros” for more details