Classic Burn - Dockside Rookery Champion (4:0)

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Champions of Westeros League Top 16 5 2 2 1.0
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Polli85 209

I played this deck in the 14 players rookery side event of Dockside Brothel Days 2018. Four games, four wins.


  • Targaryen Brotherhood
  • Tyrell Wars
  • Tyrell Rains
  • Martell Stag


3x 5cost Daenerys

2x A Dragon is no slave

1x Daario Naharis

1x Viserys (Core)

2x Hands Judgement

1x Consuming Flames

1x Valar D

1x Time of Plenty

Idea to this was born in about 1 minute, as i needed a deck for rookery short before my wife and me drove to Utrecht. I basically took my classic Targ Fealty deck and wanted to switch it with rookery into a burn deck with new Dany for matchups where she shines more than core Dany.

However, i never did, as core Dany did amazing work the whole time and i didnt want to break the trend. I switched Valars for Tyrell matchups (but did not need it there) and removed Valar for second time of plenty in the Martell match (which was great). I also used the HJs instead of Nightmares in Tyrell games (which was a good choice in the end) and took the third Consuming flames for one Nightmares in the Martell game (used both events in this game). I believe the last change was Daario for Mirri in the Targ match, which had no effect.

I wasn't a fan of the format after it was announced, but i liked this additional tactical layer a lot. Thanks to all my opponents and the organisation team.

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