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mrdav 127

Who said mill isn't consistent?

This deck was born of wondering what Tywin + Greensight was like. I decided to go whole hog for the mill and added each pillage card I could find. I played it once against Vince Tee and managed to mill him, so decided to take it to a tournament.

Dragons Tail, Without his Beard and the Lannisport Guard force your opponent to draw cards. I've had multiple Dragons Tails cancelled by HJs and that being the correct decision instead of on a Tears. Time of Plenty & Late Summer Feast (sort of) do the same.

When you have around 15 or fewer cards in the opponent's deck (which is public knowledge) you can flip Annals and recur all the events (3 dragons tails + greensight + draw is 9 cards by marshalling). Often you close on this turn or in the draw phase afterwards - you can flip Time of Plenty to get rid of four cards.

You very rarely win by getting to 15 - try and win Pillage challenges on defence, claim as little power as possible to slow the game down. Tywin allows the Tickler and the Mountain to control the board.

Trigger Greensight pretty much every turn unless its your first copy of Tywin. In mulitple games I've discarded a Tyrion first turn and my opponent's have looked at me like I'm mad. Tywin allows you to control the board as above, and allows you to filter draw through Greensight - you get your best card and your opponent the worst.

In testing and then the first tournament I played 13 games: 2 regular win, 7 mills, 4 loss. I made top 4 at Aldershot.

The deck struggled with fast decks (Tyrell, for instance). My other competitive loss was to a NW Crossing that Riddled my Valar and could capitalize from there (goodbye Tywin, Tyrion, the Mountain and the Tickler!)

I showed the deck to Isian Hasmuja and he took it to the Brighton Charity Joust and made second (alcohol beat him in the final). Its been played to slightly less success elsewhere, though everyone has commented how much fun it is to play (though not to play against!)

The original build had Wildling Hordes but their action was basically pointless and they were too expensive, so they got dropped for the Scholars. We've tried Off to Gulltown for more power icons, and Confiscation and Close Call to protect Tywin, but none really pulled their weight. This version is roughly how I last played it, but there are a number of flex slots in the characters (Pycelle over Shae for instance).

I considered the deck for Euros, and a number of friends encouraged me to play it but with the ascendency of Tyrell the deck is too fragile to take, so I've decided to publish it instead. If I make multiple Regionals, expect it!

Aldershot: Brighton Charity Joust:

I talk about this deck briefly on episode 85 of Banter Behind the Throne:

  • Dave
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TeamBolton 78

Congratulations! i love the control and toolbox of a Lanni greensight!

SnakeEyes 10

Thanks for posting this. I played it yesterday at our casual night and had a blast. I've been trying to play a pillage/mill deck for a long time and it just never clicked, this is exactly what I needed to have fun playing Thrones again.

I won a game with zero power and only one dead character I either side, it was glorious.

mrdav 127

Thanks guys!

Glad you enjoyed it. It certainly helped with my enthusiasm before the Martell box as well. A lot of victories can end up like that @SnakeEyes- its crazy.

Some guys on Discord and Facebook asked about the comparison with banner Kraken & the additional pillage you get:

Greensight is guaranteed discard every turn, and with Tywin its improving the quality of what you draw (and what your opponent doesn’t) as well. Even just the normal trigger improves what you draw - as there are only a few key cards so it helps to dig for them. Don’t underestimate that - it’s proved incredibly useful. I’ve considered Kraken but never got round to testing it, as I don’t think the pillage stuff you gain is better than Greensight at the moment. Silences Crews, Tris, Iron Mines are all fantastic but the problem is you have to draw, play and win challenges with the pillage cards which you don’t with Greensight. Black Winds Crew are okay (especially as a low costs power icon pillage). Nighttime Marauders are fantastic and they would be a great addition once they are out. By that time, it may mean there are enough good main deck pillage effects to compensate for the discard and quality loss if you drop GS.

Note: I have tried Lanni Kraken before Tris came out, but that was a while ago.

I think at the moment I add Candles and drop Annals. I always wanted HJ in the original as well (to counter my opponents).

SpiriT 177

@mrdavCrazy cool deck. Would love to bring it to a local tourney. What would you change right now while candle is not available?

Chord 101

@mrdavHJ is off RL since last week - it should fit here without resigning from Annals. Have you ever encountered High Sparrow (and did not have Milk prepared)?

BronzeYohn 2

does the deck work without annals? the restricted tag hurts.