OMG such wolf, wow. Top 32 Euros and Champions of Westeros.

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ojimijam 101

A fun deck with plenty of choices and little tricks. Surprisingly resilient and can hang on and come back long after it should have been rolled over as well as being able to really bully people if they got a bad start. I was expecting more targ and combo at euros but there we go. I think stark is in a better place than most people think right now, and they're getting some really tasty cards in the coming packs.

Hero on the day:

Dacey, who often ended up to be 4 for 6 renown.

Wolf dreams, 0 cost search for dupes/summer was amazing

Zero on the day:

Arya, never needed to eat through dupes and only appeared when my board was stacked.

Bear island loyalist, never really had much to do.

Any questions please feel free.

Euros Report

R1 vs Targ/Kraken (Win) Allegedly a really interesting deck using bestow and saltcliffe sailor, but never really got going. Frozen solid on a 4g astapor was a big tempo hit and and I ground it out fairly comfortably.

R2 vs NW X-ing (Loss) Made a few mistakes this game, busting my resets a little early and forgetting the str bump from dragon glass dagger only works in the challenge. Key moment was when coldhands stripped a dupe off robb allowing a valar, and I couldn’t keep up with a flood of rangers even with breaking ties.

R3 vs Martell Wars (Loss) Was a bit economy starved at the beginning so had to leave a copy of winterfell in hand a lot longer than I would have liked. Viper’s eyes stripped that and Cat got locked down with icon removal. A huge Doran’s game did most the damage, but from about plot 4 the writing was on the wall. Dorne is very very very good. As compensation I got a large chunk of historical/political/philosophical thought on the world and Nordic countries in particular. Not saying I wouldn’t rather of had a win, but still.

R4 vs Bara HwRD (TKO) Sat down after lunch, my opponent came by, told me he had somewhere to be and shook my hand. Went to look at Vikings and listen to the cricket on the radio.

R5 vs Stark fealty (Win) A direwolf on direwolf. His nymeria + bran kept me pinned down early, caught between the jaws of intimidate and a possible taste for flesh. I chose safety but barely got a challenge off for the first 3 turns. Wolf dreams really pulled its weight here, grabbing a dupe for my nymeria and greywind. He anticipated my valar and marched, but was a turn to early. By the time I did valar I had dupes on Cat, Nymeria, GW and Bran. From there I closed pretty simply. He later admitted he hadn’t found room for a reset.

R6 vs Martell/Kraken (win) By the sounds of it I was a little lucky in that I had seen this deck on thronesdb. Normal martell tricks continued to be a problem, but with robb down I was gaining power relatively fast and keeping the board small. This forced a reset. Dacey came down and got big and continued pushing power challenges hard as I went into top deck mode (made worse by coastal reaver). Squeezed to my 15th power on plot 7 with an empty hand. Waiting to see if Dacey got milked or nightmare on the final turn was tortuous. If he recycles and resets again I was doomed.

R7 vs Tyrell Summer (Win) Win and in, very tense. Opponent mulliganed into redwyne straights, duped marge (CS) and a bodyguard. I felt good and marched. Opponent countered with renly and courtier and Calm. I eat the courtier with GW and almost squeeze through a mil challenge with winter is coming but an informer leaps into the fray at the last minute to save renly. Turn 2 renly gets a dupe and another courtier and goes mental with ‘lord renly’s ride’. Opponent is already up to around 10 power. Fortunately our plots have fairly high initiative and a combination of GW, nymeria and Great john’s intimidate pin him down. At one point renly got boosted to 17str (2 crown triggers, marge, and wardens) to hold off my challenges. GW + robb were chomping their way through chuds and we stabilised, him still at 10ish power but me gaining. Somewhere in here the int claim gods smiled on me and I pulled 2x nightmares (with the third already played). I hoped he wasn’t running a reset and went wide, but valar M came and renly survived. Then Mace arrives and the race is truly on. Summer bought back a discarded Dacey and we reflood the board getting her to a beefy 6 for 4 with renown. Play confiscation, take the crown, go first and dacey squeezes out another renown power challenge for the win, something like 27str vs 22.

We finish 5-2 and make the cut at 29th, I think avoiding the round of 64 because someone failed a deck check. Unfortunately my planning and England's public transport let me down on the Sunday, I was left stranded in Nottingham with no way to make the cut and had to drop overnight.

The deck i played online was roughly the same as this, but obviously a bit older. Definitely had ward in at some point but that got dropped as it didn't do enough in targ match ups and is generally expensive.

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Whites4 111

Congratulations on your success! This is exactly the kind of deck out of Stark that I've been looking to see. I've made some lists very similar to yours here, give or take 10 cards. Happy to see that a better build and better pilot makes my favorite faction viable.

Thanks for sharing!

SergSel 32

congrats! You have last hearth scouts and flea bottom together, didn't they bother each other?

ojimijam 101

@Whites4 Glad you liked it. Feel free to give it a whirl, it's solid and quite a lot of fun to play.

@SergSelSometimes its a little annoying I will admit, but the most common flea bottom target is summer for card draw, breaking ties abuse or just claim soak so it's not too much of an issue. Last hearth scouts shutting down other peoples bounce is potent enough for the hassle to be worht it.

King Nothing 1

Hi and congratulations! Good to see Stark are raising up.

Do you see the bolton flayer as an addition for this deck? You don`t have so much low cost characters so maybe the are nice for extra kill. Also the northern armory should be inside.

The new shaggydog will also find his home in decks like yours :-) Do you see a need/or space for Wyman Manderly here?

Thx for sharing Cheers

ojimijam 101

@King Nothing

Bolton flayer probably isnt the best fit for this deck. Its not true attrition, and often the claim soak is gone by the time the challaenge phase ends.

Shaggy would be a much better fit, maybe instead of the bolotn loyalists, idk. He's searchable and scary.

Wyman is a great card, probably deserving at least a 1x here. He will really shine in faith militant with big cat though.

King Nothing 1

Hm.. Probably you're right with Bolton flayer. Actuality I switched the roseroads with northern armory because they are amazing.

Are the dreadfort maester really helpful for the claim raise? They feel a little bit too expansiv for me. Maybe 1x Ice could be also good with Arya.

If the bear island loyalist are not that great (they are only good against Targ) maybe Hodor and/or a 2nd Sansa could be replace them.