Bristol Regional Winner/10th UK Nats

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Reader 137

This is the Wolf build that won me the Bristol Regional and that Kevin Richardson cut with at UK Nats. Thank you to UK’s Top TO Liam for running the Bristol Regional, and also doing such a good job at Nats.

I decided to face the Greyjoy themed Regional as a representative of House Martell, my staple since Stahleck ‘17.

Kevin and I had been testing and running a Martell Alliance, Wolf/Dragon banner, which entertains with some absolutely incredible combos and plays. But for sheer efficiency you are much better with just the Wolf banner. 60 cards and 7 plots.

This version of the build is a meta call. Looking to handle characters like Queensguard Drogo and Randy with Starfall and Ghaston Grey.

I won't bore with match reports, but happy to answer any questions.

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r480 146

Interesting concept with the plots but, how did the "no econ plot" go? I assume you dont include harrenhalls due to that matter. Also, no Varys, because of the Vince Drowned God or just because of the econ of the plots? Vengeances are another meta call? I ended up playing tears of lys with 1x new arya and 2xcore aryas. but that was in April... Would you consider including Kings Landing for the GG recursion?

Grats on the results!!!

Reader 137

Hi r480
The econ is tight, but every single plot is efficient and effective for the gameplay. The Water Gardens are like an econ plot in itself. The build either runs Building Orders or Fallen from Favor. Fallen would be in the build if I could run 8. Building Orders does a lot more work right now, especially in this build. It grabs FroSo to handle Red Door builds, Ward to get early board advantage, Dorne for Card advantage and Reserve boost, Starfall to handle Drogo, or econ if you didn't set any up, or want more. Always HARD mulligan for econ. As long as you have some econ, you can go quite far behind with the build, before gaining control over the board and pulling the game back. Regarding Harrenhal, I generally see people waste Harrenhal and have always been able to play around it myself. 3x Last of the Giants plus 3x Varys featured as key cards in the Martell W2C version of the deck. But 1x Nightmares or 1x Vince (DG Fanatic) and you have dead cards in your deck. I really don't think you can afford to be drawing dead cards a reset build like this. Everything you draw has to count.

Vengeance and Ghaston do a lot of work on a small board, and both can punish your opponent, setting up Marched and Ramsey etc. There is no space for His Viper Eyes, but you are certainly hoping that your opponent doesn't know that.

Bolton Flayers do a lot of work. I don't think you need Tears of Lys as well. I like to have 30 characters in reset builds. You need to have more options than your opponent when you want to swing the game. as well as the backboard, drawing enough characters is crucial.

Dorne seems good enough here. The reserve boost is quite important, but I think Kingslanding would be fun in Martell Kraken for Sea Bitch and Iron Mines.

ChannelDelibird 928

Well done both Martin and Kev, it's a really nasty deck and the work that you guys put into it really shows.

r480 146

Thanks for replying my doubts! This is the last version I played ( and I'm still toying around it.

Reader 137

Thank you George. The next Martell build won't be as nasty. Looking to build something more constructive. Although this is more vulnerable with Qohor about.

r480... Hi buddy. Checked your link dude. It seems like a solid Martell wolf build for sure. The main reason Kev and I ran core Arya is due to the swing on Retaliation. Bloody Flux Arya seems great, but our version runs more aggressive resets, so the board was usually small enough for Stealth Arya to shine. She gets great support from the Martell cards and combines great with Flea bottom and the double Marched. Core Arya is invaluable on the swing plot of Retaliation.

vexien 723

Did you try out any tech characters in the wolf banner like bran or rickon at all?

And were you always on 3 arya? I tend to see 2 as the common number now with the ability to fleabottom back in quickly.

Reader 137

Hi Joe. Congrats on your superb win.

We tried running just 2x Arya, but she was too important on the swing and on a small board. The extra copy also helped with First Snow, which is one of the most effective plots. She could certainly be a x2 though. If Elia Sand had a different icon, I think we would have ran her instead of the extra Arya (13th Stark card). I haven't included Bran in the Wolf build for a while now, he burns too easily and runs into your own Flayer. I have not been seeing enough events either, maybe due to Stark being so well represented. I expect this to change with the Blood agenda though. Rickon is also a good shout, stopping Aegon and crucial Qohor triggers, but he too fears the knife of the Flayer. Aegon can certainly be a problem, but Qohor hasn't been an issue. The build is super aggressive in regards board state, so its not that easy for opponents to keep attachments out. Breaking Ties also helps shake off attachments.

Tempo Targ and Resilient Tyrell are the two factions that can cope with this the best. Targ spam chars out of every orifice, while Tyrell have more ambush than a Coca-Cola Xmas advertising campaign.

I never expected this build to win anything, but always knew it could perform well and cut consistently. This it did at the Regionals, and for Kevin at Nat's. I failed to cut at Nat's, but other than 2 games where I was very unlucky, the deck sang beautifully for me. But its not a song I'll be singing for a while now. Moving back to mono faction.

Maximus 100

Would you run Harrenhal and King's Landing to recur Harrenhal and/or Ghaston or is that either too slow or no room?

Reader 137

Hi Maximus, there are many ways to vary Martell Wolf. Kingslanding offers the interesting ability of reusing Ghaston and Harrenhal, maybe even Princes Pass. Its another 4 cost location though, which is only reducible by Water Gardens.