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SigmundFreud 24

There are too few The Brotherhood Without Banners these days! Therefore here's the Brotherhood of Tom, Stand By Me. Of course, there's a reason why there are too few The Brotherhood Without Bannersdecks, right now it's really hard to make them shine and win it all. This one won't shine all the time, but is really fun to play and gives you quite a few victorys.

The general idea is to stand guys with Tom of Sevenstreams and intimidate your enemies with the agenda and/or "The Last of the Giants" and "Lord Renly's Ride". The Knight of Flowers (HoT) really likes the all the events too, make him grow strong and stand with Highgarden Courtier.

Game plan is simple, usually start with Time of Plenty to draw cards, you want loads of events. I usually use insight as keyword with the agenda the first rounds, but when I'm able to go first intimidate is often a good option. The Annals of Castle Black is usually nice to run straight after You Win Or You Die, when you usually have a few events in the discard. The Blue Bard is also a very suitable guy to get you songs for Tom, bring him out and then see him leave with Marched to the Wall or in Valar Dohaeris.

Besides standing and making Loras strong, the deck can be very annoying and tricky. Using Wun Wunwith "The Last of the Giants"and then make him stand with "Off To Gulltown" is a very nice combo. Also use the card draw with "Off To Gulltown"and know what card you'll get after the fine song "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" is a fine moment.

In earlier versions I tried with more wildlings. First version was a Mance deck and King Beyond the Wall. Then with plenty of wildlings and dear Val there to bring small wildlings everywhere. Both versions was fun, but this one is better and can make life difficult for your enemies. Martell Wolf deck is usually a nightmare and sure loss, they steal your valuable ones with Ward and intimidate doesn't hurt them enough.

Good luck and long live the Brotherhood without Banners!

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Palpa 1

I think I played against you/this one. Nice idea and nice development of Hannos deck. In fact, I like this one more, even though it might be weaker. The Agenda is just fun (except in competitive games :p)

SigmundFreud 24

`@Palpa, thanks. sometimes does fine in competitive games, tought martell/banner wolf is a nightmare to face. They steal my important guys with Ward, intimidate doesn't hurt them when they ambush/shadows and they can have plenty of events which makes The Annals of Castle Black useful for them. Greyjoy on the other hand is usually a win for the deck.