The lion, the bear, and the lazy leo. Chilean National Champ

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FranciscoG 64

Chilean National Champion deck, joust. (no gj deluxe)

Treachery is that good :)

Wanted to build something interesting out of norm for Tyrell so i mix some efficient cards with some ideas gathered around (like the song module of hanno's decks; bear + gregor/tickler), maximizing the strengths of some power cards.

Lazy leo was there mostly for fun, but ended up being really useful to set up the annals turn.

Put to the torch didn't end up being good for the deck since when i needed to use it was when i was not able to play it, was a stop gap from having taken political disaster out from a different version before the last 2 packs. All the other cards mattered in one game or the other.

Ask anything you want :)

PS: with 62 cards i outbantered the banters ;)

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Diomedes 2837

Congrats! I love it! :D Ser Gregor Clegane is a perfect fit for the song deck. I'm really tempted to try this out. :)

FranciscoG 64

@Diomedesyeah, it's a watered down song theme, but works pretty good with gregor....more than good really. The only reason why is not full on song is that Tom is to fragile with so much burn and that i hate having to include plots like close call just because.

kweeny 452

Gregor and tbatmf <3 Really cool deck

Buzz 516

The amount of 1x makes my blood boil O_O

YuleOoze 178

3 Treachery in a deck with the massive amount of 10 unique Lannister characters (featuring 1 Ser Ilyn Payne...) in a deck of 62 cards AND winning something must be cheating for sure. :D

FranciscoG 64

@Buzzhahaha it's different for sure. I consider it a 1.0 style of deck. Most of the 1x do the same stuff so it doesn't really matter which one you see. The important thing is managing your hand well. Every character is expendable and i hate running close call :P.

@YuleOozetell that to every targ deck that has run dracarys since the beggining. I've found that 9-10 is the critical number if you want to use somethng trait based. If you play your lanni cards smart you are going to have a lanni char everytime. Never had a problem with it.