Knights Horses love Apples

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Jmacdaddy 1

Been working on this and entering a local tournament in 3 weeks. Looking for opinions and advice

starclown 126

If you are going for fun to the tourney than I think you have a nice fun and thematic deck. If you go for competitive play than I think your deck will fall quite short. It seems to try to rush to 15 but doesn't seem consistent enough to pull that off regularly.

It will struggle against anyone with a board clear (which will be most people) because the generic knights are prone to that and your unique characters are mostly at 2 each (which is not enough to find the dupe, and will usually result later on as a dead draw because the character is dead. There are also no saves (bodyguards) or something like close call to resurrect them).

I think it would benefit from swapping the houses (so tyrell banner lion, as you are not using many loyal Lannister cards) some more econ locations (tyrell has better ones which are loyal), some draw (like Pleasure Barge) and making unique characters either 3 or 1.