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callumgie 120

So I took this deck to the Northampton grand championship, it’s very unrefined and still needs some work. It went 3-2 losing in the first round of the cut. Check out the whitewalkers YouTube Chanel to see the deck in action.

Ever since he was spoilt I felt Khorane could be great in the right deck, so this was thrown together along with a lot of the new Greyjoy toys. As I needed to run a lot of warships to make sure I could trigger Khorane when he’s on the board I decided to go Greyjoy as the main house, not what I wanted but all of the Baratheon warships need to be knelt for their trigger. So it felt logical to put stuff in that was better with more ships, new Euron, big Victarian and Lyseni pirates all went in. The rest was just toolbox cards or good stuff.

Overall The deck was great the 2 games I lost I don’t feel there’s was anything I could do. Stark sea of blood is pretty nasty and core Balon with 2 dirks and queens guard is disgusting. There need to be a few changes; More warships. Drop support of Harlaw for crown of salt and rock. Econ may be problematic but I didn’t have any issue on the day. Unsure about first snow as the reset.

The highlight of the day for me was using Khorane from turn one to keep a Tywin knelt all game. I was hoping to do this to Euron and Silence but unfortunately I didn’t see him on the other side of the table, hopefully next time.

But that’s enough from me, this is longer than some winning decks. But try the deck out it’s great fun but don’t expect to be winning store championships with it.

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