Martell Rose Intimidate

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scantrell24 3199

Potential Cards:

Allaince + Kraken + Victarion + Raiding Longship + Sieze the Initiative

Calling the Banners

Tyrell Knights: Green Apple Knight, Fossoway, Mullenmore, KoF

Ser Cletus Yronwood

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Diavolomaestro 86

Have you thought about a Margaery's Influence/ Offer of a Peach inclusion? Restanding Ellaria or Margaery can be great, and it lets you get a fun combo with the Darkstar sac that doesn't lose you Ellaria. Plus it's a good control element in general in a Sea of Blood meta.

scantrell24 3199

@DiavolomaestroNo I hadn't, thanks for the idea! Sounds fun