Ioworlds 13th Place

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Kennon 212

Why yes, 13th place is nothing to write home about, but it's been quite awhile since I published something of my own, so I figured, why not?

The deck was designed to stop Sea of Blood and on that front, I have to say that I think it did the job admirably. Only played against two SoB decks that day, but stalled both of them from triggering their agenda at all.

However, this deck has a pretty glaring weakness of being weak on Power. It's a slow, grindy deck and has a tendency to let opponents get to high power totals even when it feels like you're running the board. That's something I'd look to rectify in future builds.

MVP is.... Well, ok, probably Fleabottom, but that's not as fun to talk about, so instead, let's say the MVP is Ravages of War! Worth it all day long to just make my opponent have to read the darn thing and figure out what it does. Also, great attrition to keep whittling them down while you chuck characters from board and hand that you can just use as Fleabottom fuel. As well, Ravages is great for knocking out things like Meera and Hagan's Daughter. And final bonus points for being able to ditch your own Frozen Solid Fleabottom in order to play a new one.

The whole deck, however, is still pretty vulnerable to burn.

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