Winter wolves.

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Winter Wolves. (Euros 2019, top 16) 16 9 5 2.0

Daviduk91 133

keep the pressure on with military claim and Greywind / wolves of the north Combo. don’t get distracted by getting Wyman or Rob out they’re more support characters in this deck. that come second to Greywind, Bran, wolves of the north.

Try and lure out a valar morghulis early. and counter with Famine if possible or long winter.

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Whites4 101

I'd cut a few characters, honestly maybe the stewards. Wolves of the North + Grey Wind is solid, as well as Strangler. Godswood is a weird card, never really prefer to Gates of Winterfell myself. Often times Gates will get you the same amount of draw with less conditions.

Maybe cut Passing since you already have Fealty? I can't imagine a scenario in which you'd really need that extra econ, especially when you don't run a board reset yourself.