Sailing the Sea of Blood. 3 times winner, 2 times undefeated

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Sea of Bombs (1st, Sydney SC) 0 1 2 1.0

Martozar 218

So, that's my Greyjoy Sea of Blood deck I played at Great Hall event in Jihlava and Garret, my meta mate, played at GH event in Prague and casual tournament in Prague.

Before RL, I had 3x Raider from Pyke, 2x A Pinch of Powder, and Trade Routes. After that, the changes were kinda obvious: Late Summer Feast and 3x Eager Deckhand as they provide huge tempo for SoB and enables easy triggers of 2x Forced March. Garret decided to leave 1x A Pinch of Powder for the last tournament, but I'd add 1 or 2 Corsair's Dirk instead, or even 1 more Put to the Sword.

Someone could wonder why Aeron Damphair (KotI). Well, with Drowned God Fanatic, Acolyte of the Waves and his insight you can have 2-3 cards per round, while The Reader provides you only 1 and Littlefinger (Core) is easy to cancel and he's not entirely setup-friendly.

MVP of this deck is obviously Balon Greyjoy (Core). With Great Kraken, Maiden's Bane and Iron Fleet Scout he becomes an unstoppable machine for triggering your SoB and easy power grabbing.

If you have any question about how to play, don't hesitate to drop a comment below :) I love the deck, but I haven't actually enjoyed playing it, because it's too straightforward and most of the games were decided turn 1 (expect probably one I played with Reinhard :D He could agree, it was a great game I thought I'd lose :D)

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Ra1dy 32

Any changes?

Martozar 218

@Ra1dy i'd probably change Euron for his better version (with Silence ofc) and instead of A Pinch of Powder I'd added another Put to the Sword :)