The Ladies Have Landed

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SenescentOcelot 65

Placed 3rd in a 4 person Store Championship at Millenium Games - Rochester, NY at 1-2.

The goal was to take advantage of Strong Renown Characters, leveraging Kings for Draw and Control, with the main force of the deck being Selyse Baratheon (FotOG)#Selys to drive thru plots and build up economy.

In the two losses, ( Winter and T WtC) early leads fell by the wayside due to 2 main eaknesses - Going first (initiative) at key points, and an already starved economy via Political Disaster or lack of draw.

To make truly viable, there must be elements of Dominance, Power Control, Kneel and Draw/Econ. Its very hard to be efficient at all 4. Hopefully the box will provide the necessary glue to connect all these play styles

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