"The Shadow Garden" - 5th 3-1 (17p)

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Lannister 353

Hi there! How fun is playing Assault from the Shadows right? Had a blast building and piloting this deck at today's casual shadows tournament:


Actually if it wasn't because of the current aggro meta it'd be even competitive.

It has so many small tricks and the only Mace that matters to me as a restricted delight.

Only lost against a good Baratheon partly because I had a ridiculous bad luck drawing in the two first rounds and when you play against high level players that always has consequences.

  1. Baratheon Shadows (Mario) WIN
  2. Baratheon Shadows (Marquina) LOSS
  3. Lannister Shadows (Hansen) WIN
  4. Baratheon Shadows (Silveron) WIN

Try the deck, let me know how did it go :)

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